Thursday, 2 April 2015

Mission A7000, Coming Soon to A Theatre Near You

So, I was lucky enough to attend a special private screening for the new #MissionA7000 movie. At first the movie starts with a slow pace. Its a cool new concept and set in a city of old times, but with the new age threats. You will easily recognise the city with Hagia Sophia as the backdrop, yes you guessed it right. Istanbul it is. 

The story starts with a millionaire names Louis Santiago from Silicon Valley, meeting a young French lady in the city. He has been keeping his life under wraps, as people getting to know about his White-hat ethical hacking capabilities can lead him into troubled waters. She invites him to her hotel, and the charm and beauty of this young French lady is irresistible for Louis to say no. They are walking back to her hotel and Louis is sensing trouble as they are passing thru a dark valley. In an instant, his fears turn true and he gets abducted in a city far from home and the lady betrays him. He is unaware of what is going on, and is taken to an old old warehouse where the security is electronically controlled and almost fool proof.

He gets his hands on an abandoned electronic gadget, which has an incredible potential to help him out. He studies and understands the gadget and comes across its unimaginable features, which can decide his fate; to be free or end up being caged. He takes advantage of the Dolby Atoms feature and sounds an alarm making the guards posted outside his enclosure run helter-skelter. With no one around, it’s now time for the 64-bit Octa Core processor pull some tricks out of it’s sleeves.

Louis, being an extremely capable hacker, makes the best use of the 64 bit Octa-Core processor and is able to crack thru the security systems. The gates fling open, he is now seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. But there’s another unseen problem waiting to pounce on him. Yes, literally unseen as he is only able to hear the Dog barks.

To know, what happens next, head over to this link and grab the Preview invites. I am sure you will enjoy the nail-biting thriller, with what could be the thriller of the year.

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