Saturday, 14 February 2015

Ride Along with MRF - An App for fans this World Cup

Most of us remember this. We all used to buy MRF labeled bats during our childhood because Sachin used an MRF bat those days. In this new digital age, it is seldom that we see people getting together and enjoying cricket matches unlike the good old days when people used to group together and cheer every run scored and every wicket that fell in the opposition team. Those were the times we used to discuss and argue over the shots played, left or how better the player could have reacted to the situation in game.

The beautiful welcome screen.

Now, MRF has brought an app which does the job of getting fans together right from their smart phones. There are various ways to interact with the fans and make some noise for the team you are supporting. I downloaded the app from Play Store and was impressed with the UI. It is kept simple but informative enough to help the user navigate within the app. You can connect and login with  either Facebook or Google plus and start using it right away.

The menu bar gives you 5 options, namely Witness Live, Schedule, How to Ride, Prizes and T&C. A feature I liked is it gives you the option to Set reminders for your favourite teams. The bottom pane has 3 tabs, Ride Along Live, Your Scorecard and Cards Gallery. 

Point scoring
You score points in various ways. Cheer for your team, wave the flag, pray for a century and clap when your team takes a wicket. The ways are numerous and the fun is unlimited. The Gallery has some very good interactions. Mainly polls, quiz and meme caught my attention.

Some of the conditions are here. Also, I liked the new concept of getting together with your team fans and cheering and enjoying the crunch moments of the match. The India Pakistan match is sure to make a lot of noise on this app too. You can download the app for Android and iOS from their respective markets. I am posting the links for you here. Have fun and enjoy the World Cup. Hope team India makes us all proud once again!

Links for Android and iOS devices. Do tell me about your experiences with the "Ride Along with MRF" app.

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